Steirer, Mika & Comp. / Teamfoto
Steirer, Mika & Comp. / Teamfoto

OUR EARS. We are all ears! That means we are good listeners.  Talk to us about your financial matters. Sound them out with us. We’ll keep an ear out for the right solutions for you.

OUR EYES. Thanks to almost 30 years of tried and true experience we can see like a hawk. Our vision is razor-sharp. We can see what is important at first glance.  We see the big picture, think longterm and take the right decisions for you.

OUR NOSES. We have a great nose for things and can smell things a mile coming.  This ensures success for your future. We stay on top of things.

OUR TOUCH. We don’t just go skin deep, we go deeper. We are sensitive to your needs, and to the needs of the authorities. We’re quick to react to the constant changes in taxation. This allows you to always be up to date and therefore well advised.

OUR SENSE OF TASTE. We have good taste. We enjoy the subtle things in life: the things that really count. Such as appreciation, respect and the consideration of others. We are committed to social causes, environmental protection and, especially, to culture and the arts.